Bulletin Board (Series #1 - 18 pictured)
2015 - 2016
22  3/4"  X  15 1/4"
IKEA Bulletin Board, Various Materials
(Original Polaroids, Edited Magazine Editorials,
Archival Photos,  Original Drawings, Founds Objects).


Within a single series, Teresa often combines her signature style, odd references, fine art techniques, and both traditional and unorthodox materials. This series is no exception - combining Original Polaroid images, as well as found photos, commercial imagery that has been edited with gold leaf and Sharpie markers, and detritus to create 3D collages.

Playing with the often banal and utilitarian qualities of a Bulletin Board, the artist looks to create a vocabulary that encompasses her interest in the everyday object while transforming these commercially manufactured boards into frames for aesthetic dialogue and interaction. The boards, often seen in domestic or business like settings become repositories of a person (or spaces’) memories, a marker of time and take on their own aesthetic qualities.

This series is an extension of Aversa’s larger practice of using her photography in large installations, often in multiples, to take the focus off the single image and transform the photo into an object that creates a dialogue with the other elements in the work and the environment in which it is presented The boards become 3D collages and function in the peculiar space between fine art and the vocabulary of office aesthetics.